Surviving Chemotherpy

Chemotherapy uses the administering of drugs that destroy reproducing cancer cells. Unfortunately in the process of administering these drugs other cells like those that contribute to the growth of hair are affected. It is therefore common for cancer patients to lose their hair, eye lashes, eyebrows and body hair during treatment. The Good News: Once the chemotherapy treatment is complete the hair will almost always grow back.

Hair re-growth may be different from your original hair, this is caused usually from the alteration of the cells that produce the hair. It is common for re-growth to be a finer texture and sometimes a different color. Over time the hair should return to its original texture and thickness as well as the same color or a similar shade of it,  


In the mean time there are many styles, colours and lengths to make you feel and look as natural as you want to be or take this opportunity to  re-event yourself.  Which will it be?